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Aphorisms of Dr. Freud Aphorisms of Dr. Freud Aphorisms of Dr. Freud Aphorisms of Dr. Freud Aphorisms of Dr. Freud Aphorisms of Dr. Freud


On 24, giu 2012 | In | By VOX

Aphorisms of Dr. Freud

  • “It is not enough instruct in order to educate”
  • “Humanity has always traded a little of happiness for a little of security”
  • “Inevitably all the great men kept something infantile”
  • “Jokingly, we can say everything, even the truth”

  • “When you eliminate risk from your life, little remains”
  • “You can dream of a multitude of drinks, but when you really thirsty, you need to wake up to drink”
  • “A question which I failed to respond, despite 30 years of research on behaviour of women, is:” What does a woman want?”

These are just some of the famous aphorisms (28) coined by Sigmund Freud during a lifetime devoted to the analysis of the human mind. But what are the reasons which led Dr. Freud to these conclusions? Reasons have been “scientific” or even related to the particular experiences that each of us lives every day? So in an ironic way I have thought of a reinterpretation of the reasons related to these thoughts, through comics. The first pages realised refer to the last of the aphorisms above … maybe because I was very impressed … or maybe due to my knowledge of the females, I found myself in agreement with the conclusions of Dr. Freud. So I say that I would like to see things in a sarcastic way and I have deliberately emphasized these reasons … please dear women do not worried about that , because there will be time later also for the neurosis of the men…

Following some examples of pages realised