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The Wheel of the World The Wheel of the World The Wheel of the World The Wheel of the World The Wheel of the World


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The Wheel of the World

Paul Duke appears to be a musician but it’ s also a special agent on behalf of the Allies undercover to investigate what is happening in Nazi Germany during World War II. In this adventure, the first of a trilogy of stories, Paul Duke is on the trail of a Nazi explorer in southern France up to the castle of Montsegur, in search of a secret related to Cathar heresy.

At the end of this journey, in the framework of this dramatic and violent Germanic “religion”, Paul will discover what are the foundations of this dreadful nazi ideologies that led to the creation of a new order of “Knights blacks”.

Toulouse, France, 1234 a.c.“…the poor girl could not take the hint and spoke to the Dominican priest as she would a perfect. The Dominican played the game and picked up the profession of faith heretical. Then he revealed for what it was and ordered that the lady was transported outside the walls of the city to go to the stake and she was burned alive.”

“A ship is coming into the port at Marseille. A man is smoking and is located at the precise point agreed with the Head of the services to which He refers. He knows has to meet a woman, her new French contact: Nadine.”

Following some examples of pages realised

“…It was in this storm and felt that he had no strength, was about to close his eyes when he was suddenly recalled by a presence next to him … he was a Nazi soldier, an SS man who was raising his sleeve and prepared his arm for an injection, had a strange smile on his face and he could not move. He closed his eyes at all but when opened them again, in front of him, the Nazi soldier had disappeared and there was (but it was impossible!) A crusader soldier with a sword and with the eyes filled with terror, he understood that he was about to be beheaded. Now it does not snow anymore. In front of him there is a man who is looking for something in his backpack. He finds her diary and letters and takes it with him. He is Paul Duke.”