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D’ont Expect Anything Else D’ont Expect Anything Else D’ont Expect Anything Else D’ont Expect Anything Else


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D’ont Expect Anything Else

Can the violence “gush” suddenly from a multitude of individuals? Individually we are unable of doing harm, but under certain conditions this barrier can be broken and for a trivial reason, “a load of foul evil can burst out” with heavy consequences for people. The protagonists of this story suffered it from residents of a small town and starts for them a nightmare. history derived from the story by Dino Buzzati

But now he realized that people did not speak the same again. Until then he had heard talk about the usual dialect of the city, he understands. Now, inexplicably, mouths seemed to swell up, stumbled, caming out different words, sound rough and shapeless. As if by remote wells of the city was coming an echo ugly and black. The voice of the infamous slums suddenly relived old, charged with crimes? He was among strangers in a land distant and inexplicable to him ferocious.”

From  “D’ont expect anything else” / “The sixty short stories” by Dino Buzzati

China, acquerello e matite

D’ont Expect Anything Else - Cover

Due to a failure of their cars, Anna and Antonio looking for a place for the night in the small town nearby. The residents seem to be suspicious of the couple who can not find availability in the hotels in the country. Fatigue starts to be felt and they are moving into daytime-hotel where at least freshen up a little. But They find long queues of people and even when their turn arrives, an altercation broke out between Anna and the assistant. After repeated attempts by Antonio to recover the situation the two should abandon the idea to use these toilets and they see not far a small square with a fountain full of children and women and men all around. Anna does not hold back any longer and go into the fountain to cool off, but a murmur begins to rise from the crowd around to go back, because the fountain is reserved for children. The situation deteriorates within a short time and nothing can hold back the people from throwing out “that load of evil” hatched a long time in the bottom of their hearts. Anna is taken and beaten and even Antonio has the worst. It seems that everyone is going crazy and there is no form of justice. The people cry out in words stumbled, now different from before, unintelligible, sounding rough and shapeless. Anna tries to escape but was chased and dropped into the cage of the castle. Antonio also came to the rescue of Anna is thrown into the cage and fall will be fatal. The crowd now starts to walk away satisfied and Anna hears the call of a cricket and tends her little trembling hand and it’s like cricket with his sound wish support her cry for help.

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