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Signs of Earth Signs of Earth Signs of Earth Signs of Earth Signs of Earth Signs of Earth


On 23, giu 2012 | In | By VOX

Signs of Earth

We are in the desert at the time of the Babylonians. From a fracture generated by an earthquake has born “Earth“, a beautiful dryad beginning to move into the world as an observer of human affairs, and executioner. Its purifying action will end in a “let go” of the accumulated negativity. The bull, the capricorn and the virgin will be the vehicles through which “Earth” will be in contact with human nature related to hatred and violence.

first of a tetralogy of stories(“The Four Elements”), located in different eras, where Land, Water, Air and Fire, mingle with the signs of astrology to create some magic girls who start to explore the world and human feelings and their path meets with mythology, legend, history and magic.

Lucca Comics&Games 2010 Finalist

Signs of Earth - Cover

An earthquake … borns “Earth”! Igorth, on top of a bull, sees the girl unconscious and plans to take advantage of her but regret of this idea. After absorbing the spirit of Igorth and the pall of the bull as the first gift, “Earth” arrives in the near village where comes in help of her, Kapros, the son of the king Marduk and queen Sennaar, his stepmother. The kingdom is a kind of harem where the law is the queen. Kapros is forced from Sennaar to a frenetic dance with a hat symbol of capricorn. The show is interrupted by soldiers carrying a prisoner accused of theft and Sennaar decrees the death sentence in front of everyone. Kapros take “Earth” away before the execution and makes a gift of a necklace. It ‘s night. The queen’s room is open and someone is approaching to. The Queen welcomes “Earth” in her bed. But under the sheets something is wrong. The pleasure of Sennaar is turning into pain because “Earth”, in the guise of an anaconda, is eating her. The death of the queen allows Kapros to become the new king and bring justice in a kingdom long oppressed. But against him there is Ishtar, the priest, who prefer a kingdom of terror. Near the walls of the kingdom “Earth” sees a girl (a virgin); Ishtar are trying to abuse her. The fury of “Earth” is now manifested as many rocks that kill the priest. Earth receives from the girl Bereshit, a bracelet as a (third) gift. “Earth” turn back to the fracture from which she is born and becomes a tree from which emerges purified and three deformed faces of the three souls captured before remain imprisoned in the trunk. While our mother earth swallows our dryad, not far three gifts remain on dry and barren earth.

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